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Current Display Highlights

March 2018: A Season for Nonviolence

In honor of the Season for Nonviolence (celebrated January 30-April 4), the library is hosting a display assembled by the Citizens for Peace, a local nonprofit working to create a culture of peace in Michigan, the United States, and the world. This display includes a Peace Pals International Arts exhibition of children's art from around the world on the theme of peace and non-violence (located in the Youth Department) and a display of posters, books, and memorabilia (located in the display by the Circulation Desk). Drop in to check out the displays and pick up information about the Citizens for Peace.

Use Our Display Space

Do you have a noteworthy collection, hobby or interest? Do you belong to a club or an organization that does activities that would interest the public? Then consider doing a public display at our Library. We have a large three-tiered glass display unit with attached bulletin boards for your use. Displays are scheduled in advance; individuals or groups may schedule month-long displays.

Please refer to the Request to Use Library Exhibit Space & Policy form for details. Give the library a call if you are interested in providing a display.

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