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Serafina and the Black Cloak
Robert Beatty
Ages 10-12

Twelve-year-old Serafina is the Biltmore Estate's C.R.C., or Cheif Rat Catcher.  Although it's an important position, no one but her father even knows she exists--she lives secretly in the basement of the fancy estate.  While venturing out of her hiding spot one evening, Serafina witnesses a mysterious man in a black cloak abduct a child visiting the estate.  When other children start disappearing, Serafina realizes she must come out of hiding to reveal what she knows.  Will Serafina be able to help solve the case of the Man in the Black Cloak?

A creepy tale that Mystery fans will enjoy.


Jan 1, 2017
Mouse Scouts
Sarah Dillard
Ages 7 - 9

After graduating from Buttercup Scouts, six young mice attempt to earn their first badge as Acorn Scouts.  In order to earn their Sow It and Grow It badge, they must successfully grow a vegetable garden.  But the scouts soon find out that pests--of both the large and small variety--are invading their garden and destroying their hard work.  Will the Scouts be able to devise a plan to keep the unwanted pests out?

A nice transitional book for kids moving from Easy Readers to Chapter Books.  A cute read for young Scouts!     J FIC DIL

Nov 11, 2016
A Storm Too Soon: A Remarkable True Survival Story in 80-Foot Seas
Michael J. Tougias
10-14 yrs.

The facts of this true account read like fiction: 3 sailors fighting for survival in a life boat, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, battling 80 foot waves!  Can anyone find and rescue them?  You'll be biting your nails as you flip through the chapters to find out if, and how, this brave crew and their intrepid search team will pull through this incredible ordeal.  J 910.916 Tou

Nov 11, 2016
The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle
Janet Fox
10 & up

The setting is 1940s Britain, when 12-year-old Katherine Bateson and her 2 younger siblings are sent to a medieval castle in Scotland to escape the WWII bombings of London. The castle is the home of a small boarding school for children and the headmistress is the lovely, yet mysterious, Lady Craig.  Throw in some ghostly sightings, strange teachers, and magical objects, and you're well into a nail-biting read. This eerie novel is a timely one for October or anytime you're in the mood for a bit of a scare! J FIC Fox

Oct 10, 2016
Save Me a Seat
Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan
Ages 9-12

Ravi Suryanarayanan is trying to survive his first week in the 5th Grade at Albert Einstein Elementary.  Having just moved to the United States from India, Ravi is learning that school is very different in New Jersey than it was Bangalore.  American kids dress, eat, play, and speak differently.  Ravi begins to wonder if he'll ever adjust.

Joe Sylvester is also trying to survive the first week of 5th Grade at Albert Einstein Elementary.  As if having an Auditory Processing Disorder wasn't hard enough, his only friends at school moved away over the summer.  Joe begins to wonder if he'll be stuck eating by himself at the lunch table all year long.

Will Ravi and Joe be able to adjust to life in the 5th Grade?

Told in alternating points of view, this is a quick and engaging read.  A nice choice for reluctant readers who enjoy Realistic Fiction.

Sep 9, 2016
The War That Saved My Life
Kimberley Brubaker Bradley
10-13 yrs.

At the start of World War II in London, Ada lives a sheltered life with her abusive mother and little brother, Jamie.  Constrained by a disability and the restrictions placed on her by her mother, all this 10-year-old knows of the outside world is observed through her apartment window.  Due to threats of bombing, the children are evacuated to the countryside where their lives begin to change. This is a story of courage and resilience as Ada emerges from her cruel beginnings to see herself as a person of value and learns to trust those around her--a rewarding read. Book on CD features excellent character voices by Jayne Entwistle.  J FIC Bra or J CD FIC Bra

Sep 9, 2016
This is Not a Book
Jean Jullien
Ages 3+

*CAUTION* This book will cause your child to have massive fits of laughter with guaranteed repeated occurances!

The title of this book is correct in that it is NOT your typical picture book using words to tell a story. This IS a book that celebrates the joy of using your imagination, interactivity, and laughter. 

Ages 3 and up (must have a sense of humor)


Sep 9, 2016
Old MacDonald Had a Truck
Steve Goetz
Ages 3-6

We all know Old MacDonald had a farm, but did you know he also had an excavator, a front loader, a bulldozer, and a cement mixer?!  Kids interested in construction vehicles will love the detailed illustrations.  A fun rendition of the classic song. 

Aug 8, 2016
Chicken in Space
Adam Lehrhaupt
Ages 3-5

Zoey the chicken is determined to travel to outer space.  After finding a suitable "space ship," Zoey and her best pig, Sam, set off on their journey.  Though they encounter "asteroids," "comets," and "alien attack ships," Zoey and Sam return safely to earth and begin to plan their next big adventure. 

A cute, quick read for imaginative kids. 


Jun 6, 2016
The Girl in the Well is Me
Karen Rivers
Ages 10-13

"Help me, help me, please!" Kammie is trapped in a narrow well. Did her friends intend for her to stumble in or was it an accident?  Struggling to hold on, Kammie's voice is compelling as she recalls the events leading up to her fall. New in town, her family divided, and desperate to fit into a group, she has agreed to an "initiation" in order to be accepted by peers. Inspired by a true story of a toddler falling down a well, and dealing with issues of family hardship and bullying, this book really holds the reader's attention.

Jun 6, 2016

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