Internet Guide - Search Engines

Search engines come in three flavors:

Search Engines, which use programs to scour the Internet and arrange what they find into a database for searching;

Directories, which are mediated by humans, who assign what they find on the Internet to a database for searching; and

Metasearch Engines, which search multiple search engines and directories at the same time and bring the results together.

All three types are variously represented here. Some of the following include a combination of two or more of these types.


Google is perhaps the most popular pure search engine.


The successor to MSN Search, an integrated search engine with some nifty interface features.


Yahoo includes both a search engine and a directory. It can produce extremely accurate results.


Public library of and for the Internet community, including an index of the Internet.


WolframAlpha allows you to search computational knowledge such as math, dates & time, finance, units of measurement and science.

Yahoo! Kids

It's Yahoo! for kids.

Kids Click

Kids Click is a web search engine for kids, maintained by librarians at the Colorado State Library.


Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves) is a "real language" search engine: it accepts searches written in everyday language.


Metacrawler searches and delivers results from eight different search engines at once.


Dogpile is another "meta" search engine, much like Metacrawler.



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