Must Read Books

Maggot Moon
Sally Gardner

This isn't just another dystopian adventure story.  We have enough of those.  Set in a future Nazi-like world, Standish Treadwell lives with his grandfather on one of the only streets not completely bombed out.  They are under the control of the ruthless regime known as The Motherland.  The Motherland is determined to win the space race and be the first country to reach the moon, proving their superiority over all other nations.  Standish, along with his grandfather and friends, get caught up in The Motherlands objective and are forced to make some huge sacrifices.   

May 6, 2013
Cory Doctorow

This sequel to Little Brother follows Marcus once again bravely taking on politics and government in order to defend our civil rights.  Instead of terrorism, Marcus now gets caught up in a Wikileaks type predicament when he is given a thumbdrive containing tons and tons of documents proving corporate and government corruption.  As with Little Brother, Homeland is fast paced and heavy handed with the messages.  Doctorow also continues to educate teens to the newest cutting edge technologies.

Apr 7, 2013
Janie Face to Face
Caroline B. Cooney

All Janie Johnson/Jennie Spring wants is to live a normal life of anonymity.  Being the "face on the milk carton" has determined all of her relationships.  She is now a college student when her family and friends receive letters from a famous crime writer who wants to write a book but more from the perspective of the kidnapper.  Can Janie have the life and true love she really wants or will the kidnapping and kidnapper always be out there waiting?

Mar 2, 2013
Marie Lu

Prodigy picks up where Legend ended with June and Day on the run.  The two have been recruited to undertake a special mission for the Patriots.  Both June and Day are struggling with their loyalties to the mission, the Republic and to each other.  Can they find that elusive future they both want?

Feb 26, 2013
Veronica Roth

In a dytopian future, all 16 year olds must decide what faction they want to dedicate their lives to after taking a test that tells them what they are most suited to. Beatrice Prior’s must choose between Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent) .  She was born in Abnegation and her test gives her an unusual result: she is divergent. This means she could fit into more than one faction which she learns is considered a dangerous thing she should not share with anyone.  Beatrice chooses Dauntless and begins investigating why being divergent is such a problem.

Jan 24, 2013
Lexapros and Cons
Aaron Karo

Chuck Taylor has OCD.  He's gotten use to it, but now his obsessions and compulsions have gotten to the point where they're intruding on his life.  They are getting in the way of Chuck's ability to maintain relationships with Steve, his best friend, and Amy, the girl he likes.  Nearing graduation, Chuck finally attempts to do battle with the rituals and habits that have run his life.  Lexapros and Cons is a hilarious take on teenagers dealing with a mental disorder.  

Jan 9, 2013
China Mieville

If tricky writing, hunting moles, trains and a reimagining of Moby-Dick sounds interesting to you, then China Mieville's Railsea is the book for you.  Not just for young adults, this book packs all kinds of excitement and intrigue in a fast paced story.  Recommended for adults as well as teens.

Dec 20, 2012
Lois Lowry

If you love Lois Lowry’s The Giver, you need to read Son - the conclusion of the Giver Quartet. In Son, the reader follows Claire, a Vessel (birth mother) who has a Product (a son). Claire’s son is taken from her, as are all Products, but he does not adjust well to the life he is supposed to lead in the community. One day, Claire leaves the isolated community she grew up in and the only world she knew, only to find herself washed up on a strange, foreign shore. She vows to search for her son, and not stop until she finds him.

Dec 14, 2012
Sometimes It Happens

Hannah's facing a tough start to her senior year. Her boyfriend, Sebastian, dumped her on the last day of junior year. Noah, the guy she's fallen for over the summer, is dating Ava, her best friend. Follow Hannah as she works through the drama of her first day and flashes back to the events of summer vacation, when the drama all began. Some shocking revelations are made through the flashbacks, and the ending is not what you'd expect.

Dec 13, 2012
Neal Shusterman

UnWholly picks up wear the widely popular Unwind left off.  This is a good thing because it took an awfully long time for Neal Shusterman to come out with this second book in the futuristic trilogy.  All the favorite characters return, along with some intriguing new ones.  There's a lot of action and food for thought about complex issues.  Unlike many trilogies, the second book is a let down until the exciting conclusion, but Shusterman avoids that pitfall.   Hopefully he won't take as long writing the finale.

Nov 7, 2012