Westland Writes

Westland Writes is a yearly publication featuring poetry and short fiction by local authors. It began in April 2009 as a small poetry book by local authors in celebration of National Poetry Month. Since then, it has grown into an eclectic annual collection of poems and stories from in and around the Westland community. Submissions are accepted during the month of April, and the book is published in June.

Westland Writes 2023

Submissions for Westland Writes 2023 will be accepted from April 1 to April 30, 2023. Each writer will receive a free copy of the book! Each writer may submit up to 2 poems or 1 short story or chapter. See below for guidelines.

Check this page during the submission period for specific submission instructions. Questions can be directed to alexis.tharp@westlandlibrary.org.

Happy writing!

Submission Guidelines

Authors can submit:

  • 1 story or chapter (limit 2500 words),
  • Up to 2 poems (limit 200 lines total)

Other policies:

  • Multiple submissions are not accepted.
  • Author must be 18 or older.
  • Author must live in Westland or a neighboring city.
  • The editor has the right to turn down a submission for any reason.


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