1-on-1 Computer Training

Topics that can be covered in a 1-on-1 computer training session:

How to use a mouse, how to find programs and files on the computer, computer terminology, saving and organizing files, cutting and pasting, going to websites, searching the internet, filling out online forms, using a research database, setting up an email account, sending emails, how to format a Microsoft Word document, updating a resume, beginning Excel questions, beginning Powerpoint questions, beginning Publisher questions, and help with using your smartphone or tablet.

Topics that are not available:

Troubleshooting any type of hardware or software problems, advanced Excel, advanced Powerpoint, advanced Publisher, anything involving online purchasing (we can show you the websites and talk about how to purchase something online, but we cannot help you make actual purchases with your credit card), completing a resume from scratch (we can get you started but at the end of the hour you’ll have to take your work to complete on another computer), and filling out online applications that take more than an hour.

More details:

A tutor will be assigned to you based on time availability and topic compatibility.

On the day of your session come to the Reference desk to meet your tutor. Feel free to bring a flash drive to save your work. Your tutoring session will last no longer than 45 minutes. Bring whatever questions you have and we will try to answer as many as possible.

All instruction will be on a library laptop. Do not bring your own computer. For liability reasons library staff cannot use non-library equipment.

Make sure you show up to your 1-on-1 session on time. If you come late, your session will still 45 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Please sign up for a 1-on-1 computer training session at the Reference desk. You can only sign up for two 1-on-1 sessions a month. You must pre-register for a session at least 24 hours in advance.

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